Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beginning RCVP - Bull's-Eye Eggs

This is the my first blog and I have no idea what I am doing.  I was inspired by Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia Project.  I know that once I get the hang of this that I will have to go back and make changes to my profile and other stuff on this blog.  But for now be patient with me. 
My love for cooking came from as a child every Sunday reading The Mini Page which had Rookie Cookie recipes in it.  These are easy recipes that kids can do with adults.  I loved trying these recipes. 
I still look for The Mini Page every Sunday in the newspaper.   Recently my boyfriend, Jesse, gave me as a present The Rookie Cookie Cook Book.  After watching the movie Julie/Julia with Meryl Streep, I developed the inspiration to do my own cooking project.  I am in no way trying to copyright the works of Julie Powell, Betty Debman, and Dr. D'Adamo.  Just using them as a guide and inspiration for my project.
My Challenge:  To use the Rookie Cookie Cook Book (RCCB) as a basis for developing recipes as part of my vegetarian diet.  Also I will be using the Eat Right 4 Your Type book to help me with using the right foods that fit my Type A blood diet.  Lastly to let you know that my budget is limited so I may have to use what is on hand while trying to use the food from BTD.
I don't like the word diet because it sounds so temporary which being a vegetarian is not a temporary thing.  This is for life!  I started eating more vegetarian beginning February 2010.  Once in a while I will eat seafood, especially Escargots, because of recommendation that Escargots keeping the breast cancer away according to the Blood Type Diet (BTD).  I struggle with this because of the controversy of wanting to call myself a vegetarian but still eating fish meat.  I call myself a Pescatarian or Flexatarian at times but wonder am I still being a hypocrite.  Some of the recipes in Rookie Cookie have tuna.  Tuna is okay for the BTD but what about vegetarian side? I hope this project will help me sort out my dilemma of conflicting feelings of being a vegetarian with the help and support of people on and off-line. 

Now lets get started on this project. 

Bull's-Eye Eggs
1 slice bread per serving (Ezekiel 4:9 bread)
1 egg per serving (3 tablespoons of egg whites)
1 tablespoon margarine per serving (butter spray)

Cut a hole in each bread slice using a glass.
Melt margarine in frying pan over medium heat.
Brown bread on both sides.
Put bread in shallow, greased baking dish.
Break an egg in each hole.
Put dab of butter on each egg.
Bake in preheated 300 degree Fahrenheit for 10 minutes or until eggs get hard.

Now when made this recipe I used Ezekiel bread, egg whites, and butter cooking spray.  Butter spray I used to reduce calories and is a method I learned from Weight Watchers.  Egg whites I used because of reducing cholesterol from the egg yolks.  I would like to go to egg alternatives someday but like I said I have use what I have for now.  The egg whites ran underneath the bread and mostly cooked outside of the bread instead of the holes.  The result ended up being good despite the egg whites.  Jesse said that using an ordinary egg, the yolk would have kept in the hole better.  I would still like to to see if using the egg whiles or alternatives could still work.  Maybe browning the bread better and making sure it is as flat as it can be.  Any other ideas??  Also in place of butter trying Ghee (clarified butter) or olive oil for the browning and dabbing on top.  I want to try this recipe again soon using these different ideas.
If there is anyone reading this please give me your comments and ideas about the recipes as I go along.  See you tomorrow.

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